NEW: Christmas gift cards for the GTC

Hello GTC,
Know anyone who has been interested in triathlons, perhaps only peripherally, for a while?  Anyone who has regularly questioned your sanity and level of discipline and commitment to your training, while looking at your in awe?
There may be someone you know, or on your Christmas list who could use a handy-dandy ‘gift certificate’ for the Beginner Clinic with the GTC, starting in late April 2015, running for 8 weeks, to train for the Guelph Lake I event, to be held on June 20th, 2015 (Fathers Day weekend/Saturday).
Please let me know, and I can print you up a ‘personalized’ Gift Certificate with your giftees/your names for a healthy, and motivating Christmas gift this year!! (I can have them ready same-day!
Cheques can be mailed c/o:
Guelph Triathlon Club
40 Carrington Place
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 5C2
(SPOILER ALERT: until we get our online registration/payment system set-up!)
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