Members meeting & GTC clothing

Hello GTC,
On Tuesday, March 31st, we have the Guelph Public Library (community room upstairs) booked from 7-9pm for an informational launch regarding our upcoming spring/summer training schedule, our re-designed logo/clothing availability (including a try-on session regarding sizing), our Beginner Clinic, and information regarding lifeguards/kayaking at Guelph Lake, and volunteering at Subaru Triathlon Series events. 
We will also look to present an educational/informational session on Nutrition (hydration/dehydration/supplements (gels etc)), as well as hearing from our President, Steve, and Head Coach, Miguel.
GTC Clothing:
Our newly re-designed Guelph Triathlon Club logo has arrived, and has been ‘placed’ on GTC clothing for this year.  On the 31st, we will have samples of the clothing (unfortunately, plain, no logo just yet) for everyone to try on for sizing.  This will give you a chance to try on the sizes, so that you are able to discern the best size for you at time of ordering.  Orders are due in by April 5th — don’t wait too long to order!  Check your email for documents outlining how to view the new clothing orders, including contact for Donna, who so carefully organized this portion for us all, if you have any questions!
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