A Message from Incoming GTC President Elizabeth Stewart

Dear Members,

It is with tremendous gratitude that I accept the role of President of the GTC Executive Committee and Membership.

I first joined the club in the summer of 2011 through the beginner clinic. I still recall Steve’s incredible enthusiasm as he volunteered often at practices. His cheers bellowed loudly and were encouraging during race simulations and even during regular practices. Steve’s enthusiasm for the GTC has never wavered in the almost six years that I have known him. He has been a passionate advocate for quality programming that meets the needs of the GTC’s diverse membership. Steve has made significant contributions to the GTC, most recent and notable, recruiting our head coach Miguel Vadillo.

Steve’s leadership will be hard to match, but I will do my absolute best. My ambitions for the club are to continue to offer accessible quality programming that meets the needs of our membership and to maintain the friendly club atmosphere that welcomes people of all ages, fitness level and fitness goals.

Now in my sixth season as a GTC member, third season as a GTC coach and entering my first season as Executive President, the GTC is more to me then a club I belong to. It grounds me to my community, it is a place of great friendships. The diversity and friendliness of our club is what I enjoy the most.

I sincerely value this opportunity to serve the membership as president. I welcome all ideas from all members on how to continue to strengthen our programming and overall club experience. Please never hesitate to contact me through email, Facebook or Twitter, my ears and digital channels are always open!

Wishing all members a fun, safe and successful 2016 race season!

Elizabeth Stewart

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