I didn’t know how to swim, but look at me now!

Like some of you, I come from a running background and like some of you may relate, I was getting to the stage where I was getting repeat injuries.

I joined the Triathlon Clinic in the Summer 2009 looking for some cross training.  It looked like fun, until I got into the water and realized I had no idea how to swim.  I learned then that I didn’t know how to swim but knew how to not drown.  There is a difference.  After sucking and blowing in the water, I decided I couldn’t do this and I got out.

I was walking across the beach, resigned to the fact that triathlons were not meant for me.  One of our coaches ran and caught up with me, she talked me back into the water and I haven’t looked back since.  Yeah, the bike was a little struggle too but easier for me to learn than the swim.  Here I am 8 years later, still learning but that’s the point, I am learning and getting stronger every time I’m in the water.

I’m dedicated and addicted to triathlons.

Thank you Coaches!!!

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