Some of us are swimmers…

Some of us are swimmers and some of us have challenges.

The only way to get better is to practice, more so if swimming is not your “first sport”. I have discussed this with our Head Coach Miguel Vadillo, who has Pan American, Olympic Trials and World Cup experience. He loves that he is able to coach us on Wednesday nights. He believes that even the best swimmers,  at this time of year, need to be in the pool more than once weekly.

I have done some brief research and here are some options for you to get into the water more often.  I encourage you to double check this for yourself:

  1. The gold pool at UoG is open for public swims M-F 7-9 am, 11 am-1 pm, 3-4 pm, 7-8 pm and Sat/Sun 11am-1 pm. The cost is $10 per swim or approx $55/ month for as many swims as you can do plus access for most of the other UoG programs in the new facility.
  2. Marlins Masters @UoG –  M,W,Th,Sat 530-7 am plus Sun 6-7 am and Tues,Thurs 9-10 am, almost all coached by Miguel, approx. 16-20 swimmers present… $15 per coached swim payable to UoG
  3. Victor Davis closed until at least September
  4. Centennial Pool – on College at Centennial High School, pool 25 YARDS not metres, very warm for sore muscles –   $4 per swim M-F 7-9 am 11am-1 pm 3-4 pm
  5. West End Pool Imperial and Paisley, same hours and price as Centennial
  6. YMCA, warm pool 20 metres, must be member
  7. Embrace Open Water $15 per hour coached swim with Coach Miguel. Usually with less than 10 others:  Friday 630- 730 pm Orangeville – possibilities to carpool with Coach Miguel for the 55 minute drive and discuss your progress with a world class swimmer, Mississauga 6-7 am River Grove Pool.
  8. Private Coaching with Miguel or other swim coaches

It is not magic; practice makes better swimmers just like it does for running and cycling. On a personal note, I have chosen GTC Wed nights, Marlins Thurs am and Miguel in Orangeville Friday night, carpooling with the Coach.

It is a great feeling to come out of the water with the first 25% of competitors. That way it takes longer for the really good cyclists to catch you… OR if you are a really good cyclist just think where you might be…

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