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Triathlon Safety Guidelines

General Safety Information for Triathlon Training The guidelines listed are not meant to be exhaustive but highlight areas one should consider when participating in a triathlon. If there are further safety concerns, do consult a doctor or coach. Swim Safety   Most triathlon swims take place in open water, which ... More

Some of us are swimmers…

Some of us are swimmers and some of us have challenges. The only way to get better is to practice, more so if swimming is not your “first sport”. I have discussed this with our Head Coach Miguel Vadillo, who has Pan American, Olympic Trials and World Cup experience. He loves that he is able to coach us on Wednesday ... More

I didn’t know how to swim, but look at me now!

... resigned to the fact that triathlons were not meant for me.... one of our coaches ran and caught up with me, she talked me back into the water and I haven’t looked back since... More

Key Learnings from Masters Cyclists

The Skill of Drafting In the recent Cycling Workshops with Peter Morris and Dave Kay, we learned several new cycling skills that will help us to improve as Triathletes, including riding in a paceline, more commonly known as drafting. What is Drafting? Cyclists form a single line, riding closely behind one another, then ... More

Volunteering at the Milton Triathlon

If you're not racing, then join us to volunteer at the Milton Triathlon We would like to ask all GTC members to give a little bit of their time this season. Every year, our club members are called on to volunteer at the Milton Triathlon - it's an tradition over 5 years now. In return, our club receives $1,200 to $1,500 ... More