DIY Bike Maintenance Sessions

Weekly Drop-in DIY Bike Maintenance Sessions

The Weekly Drop-in DIY Bike Maintenance Sessions are held on Mondays @ 6:30 pm at the University of Guelph Bike Centre. This program will continue to run throughout the summer months, based on participation. The next workshop will be announced in our club newsletter and member’s only Facebook group.

In this workshop, members will learn how to take care of their most expensive triathlon asset in a fun and social setting!

Topics include:

• Cleaning & Lubing Chains
• Fixing Flats Fast
• Tuning Brakes and Possibly Derailleurs
• Cleaning & General Maintenance
• Improving Bike Fit
• Taping Handlebars

Thanks to GTC member, James Seery who will lead the classes.

Grab a coffee, bring your bike and get your hands a bit dirty!

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