Frequently Asked Questions


Who can join the GTC?

Any adult can join the GTC, regardless of age, fitness, or skill level. If you’re interested in learning more about triathlon or multi-sport (duathlon, swim-bike, or swim-run), come on out and give it a try! Unfortunately, we don’t offer a kids program.

Why join the GTC?

Fun, fitness, and friends! Whether your goal is simply to get more active or if you have more performance-driven goals, our club will provide you training opportunities and a community that will be there to cheer you on from day one of training to the finish line.

What fitness/skill level do I need to be a member?

Many of our members start as complete newbies in 1, 2, or all three of the areas of triathlon- when we say no experience required, we really mean it. Out of shape? Don’t let that stop you from signing up, the best way to get in shape for triathlon/multisport is to come out and train! Other members join with some experience, and are looking to get better and/or simply to workout in a social environment.

How do you accommodate different skill levels during a workout?

Most of our workouts are designed in short loops or are timed (i.e. bike 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back), allowing faster athletes to go a further distance and beginners to go a shorter distance– everyone finishes together, no one gets left behind.

What distance races are available for triathlon?

Distance vary depending on the race. Below are some typical distances.

  • Tri-A-Tri: 375m swim (8 to 23 minutes); 10km bike (20-40 minutes); 2.5km run(12-30 minutes)
  • Sprint: 750m swim; 20km bike; 5km run
  • Olympic: 1500m swim; 40km bike; 10km run
  • 70.3 (Half Ironman): 1.9km swim; 90km bike; 21km run
  • Full-Ironman: 3.8km swim; 180km bike; 42km run

What if I don’t like to swim or run or don’t own a bike?

Many races now offer other options: duathlons (run, bike, run); aquabike (swim, bike); aquathlon (swim, run). These are often covered by the umbrella-term “multi-sport”.

As a GTC member, am I expected to compete in races?

While we encourage members to test their skills at local races, it certainly isn’t mandatory.

How much does a membership cost?

Please see our membership options and fees. 

I’m new to triathlon/multi-sport. Do I need to start with a beginner clinic or can I get a full membership?

You may choose whichever membership fits your goals.

A beginner clinic is a great place to start if you just want to check us out without a full year commitment or if you are nervous about getting started and are looking for a smaller group and a little more coach feedback.

If you already have a moderate fitness base and/or are comfortable with at least 2 of swim/bike/run the full membership will likely be best, even if you’ve never competed in a triathlon/multi-sport event before.

Why do I have to purchase a Triathlon Ontario membership?

It is a requirement for our club insurance that all GTC members be Triathlon Ontario members. This membership also includes the insurance for Triathlon Ontario approved triathlons & multisport races which means you’ll save about $7 off each race you register in throughout the season.

Who runs the GTC? Is it a for-profit business?

The GTC is run as a not-for-profit organization. Our programs are priced only to cover our operating costs. Our executive committee is entirely made up of volunteers. Most of our coaches are also volunteers. Our only paid coach is Miguel who brings a tremendous amount of expertise to our pool and open-water swims.

What equipment will I need?

At minimum: a bathing suit, goggles, a pair of running shoes, a bike, and a helmet. We encourage everyone to come out and make sure they enjoy the sport before they sink any big bucks into equipment. If you don’t have or don’t want to put in those big bucks, there are plenty of people that continue to train and race with minimal equipment and a basic bike. Please see “The Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon on a Budget” for more info.

What do I need to know about nutrition during and after GTC workouts?

As a general rule, a healthy balanced diet (omnivorous or vegetarian) should be adequate for most recreational athletes, no special supplements required. Make sure you arrive at practice well hydrated and not hungry (have a quick snack before-hand if your last meal was hours ago). Other than that a bottle of water should be enough to get you through most workouts. For workouts longer than 90 minutes or in very hot weather where you will be sweating heavily a sports drink might be helpful, but likely this doesn’t apply to most of your introductory workouts.