Guelph Triathlon Club Workouts & Locations

Let’s Get Training!

GTC’s key structured workouts include swimming, which focuses on swim technique and building endurance; cycling, which aims to get your heart rate pumping and improve your cardio; and BRIC workouts which are designed to help you transition from one event to another, to help you get to the finish line.


Please visit our home page for important club information, dates to remember, and workout cancellations.

See our Workout Cancellation Policy. GTC members can also visit to our Facebook Group / Instagram for the latest cancellation announcements.


GTCs Regular Weekly Workouts:

  • Wednesday Bric Workout: 6 pm
  • Tuesday Open Water Swim: 6:30 am – 7:45 am
  • Thursday Open Water Swim/Technique: 6 pm  – 7:45 pm
  • Sunday Open Water Swim: 7 am – 9:00 am
  • Sunday Group Ride: 9 am


Outdoor BRIC (Bike & Run) Workouts

Wednesdays at 6 pm | LocationCalvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Road, Puslinch, ON

Outdoor BRIC workouts include bike and run workouts lead by two certified NCCP triathlon coaches. The BRIC workouts are designed for the beginner, experienced or competitive triathlete, and even those new to fitness in general. Participants will complete the workouts at their own paces. There will always be one designated coach per workout to help those new to triathlons for more hands-on coaching technique.

BRIC sessions take place every week starting in mid-April through to mid-September.

Open Water Swims

Tuesdays at 6:30 am – 7:45 am | Location: Puslinch, ON

* NOTE: Tuesday morning swims are not instructed. These swims are a great opportunity for members of all abilities to practice swim techniques and swim at your own pace. A coach and a lifeguard in a kayak are always present.

Open Water Swim (6 pm) & Swim Technique (6:30)

Thursdays at 6 pm | Location: Puslinch, ON

Open water swims and swim technique take place every week starting in June through to mid-September. This workout begins with a swim at your own pace, followed by open water swim technique. Our goal is to ensure a safe and enjoyable open water swimming experience for all members, regardless of their experience and abilities.

Open water swim technique is lead by GTCs head coach Miguel Vadillo, a highly experienced and talented open water swimmer. Go ahead and Google his name to learn more about him! Members will learn stroke techniques, sighting skills, race tactics such as swim starts, positioning and drafting, and other tips that will help to improve your confidence and performance on race day!

Endurance Swim (7 am) and Group Ride (9 am) Workouts

Sundays | Location: Puslinch, ON

The Sunday Endurance Swim and Bike Workouts take place every Sunday starting mid-May through to mid-September. We begin the workout with an open water swim at your pace, followed by an easy paced group ride.

* NOTE: Sunday morning swims are not instructed. These swims are a great opportunity for members of all abilities to practice swim techniques and swim at your own pace. A coach and a lifeguard in a kayak are always present.

Indoor Pool Swims

Resumes in the Fall | Location: University of Guelph, Guelph Gryphons Athletic Centre, Gold Pool, Guelph, ON

Indoor pool swims are offered during the winter months. GTCs fully qualified coaching staff offer a wide range of structured swim workouts to help triathletes of various swimming abilities to prepare for the upcoming triathlon season. Our swim practices are organized workouts that are tailored for all abilities, and focus on swim technique and building endurance at your own pace. Our head coach offers suggestions for stroke improvement, to help you reach your personal goals. All swimmers, from the beginner triathlete to the competitive athlete, will benefit from our swim workouts.

Indoor Virtual Spin Classes 

Resumes in the Fall | Location: Home Based

Indoor Virtual Spin Classes are offered during the winter months. All you will need is a computer with an internet connection and an indoor bike trainer. These classes are instructed by a fully qualified cycling instructor who will get your heart pumping and help you improve your cardio. Each class begins with a warm-up ride, followed by high intensity intervals consisting of in- and out-of-the-saddle, jumps, sprints, all set to heart pounding music. We finish the class with a cool-down ride and stretch.

Special Programs and Workshops

GTC offers special programs and workshops throughout the season, often provided by one of our valued sponsors. Some examples include:

  • Strength & Stability Workouts
  • Dynamic Running Warm-up Clinics
  • Cycling Workshops
  • Bike Maintenance Workshops

Additional costs may apply.


Our policy is always SAFETY FIRST!

It is important and part of our training to practice in all kinds of unfavourable weather conditions because on race day, it could be cold, heavy downpours, fog and sleet.

Races are cancelled due to lightning. Swim portions are cancelled due to high winds/ waves and extreme cold temperatures.

Therefore, if there is lightning at the time of our workout – that workout will be cancelled.

Use your best judgement on whether you wish to attend a workout in ‘bad weather’.

If there is lightning at the time of our workout, the BRICK workouts will be cancelled. If GTC workouts are cancelled there will be no coaches present.

GTC Swims will be cancelled if there is lightning at the time of our workout or if the beach has been closed.

GTC members can visit to our private Facebook Group / Instagram for up-to-date workout cancellations.